Is Cheryl Burke leaving 'DWTS'?

Is Cheryl Burke Leaving 'Dancing With The Stars'?
Is Cheryl Burke Leaving 'Dancing With The Stars'?

Professional dancer Cheryl Burke, known for her appearances on "Dancing with the Stars" is likely leaving the TV show after ten years.

She told ABC that this season ... is possibly her last.

Burke said, "As of now, this is probably going to be my last season. After doing something for a decade, you know, I started when I was 20, I'm 30. I want to try new things, just see what's out there."

Although a writer for USA Today seemed hopeful, writing:

"P.S.: Let's note she said 'probably,' so she can still change her mind."

Wetpaint also noted that "probably" statement in its headline, but also said her decision was "understandable."

The Emmy-nominated dancer will probably have many opportunities down the road. She's already working with QVC on a line of workout gear.

Although, we wonder if she may go full-time teaching little ones. After all, she recently posted a photo on Twitter posing with a bunch of pint-sized dancers, saying: "Cute little angels! Reminds me of when I first started to dance! #meltsmyheart"

Airing that "bombshell" announcement, as the ABC reporter called it, was probably a good publicity stunt for the show. Season 19 premieres tonight.

Check out the Season 19 cast members:

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