9 things Erin Andrews dished about 'Dancing With the Stars' season 19



It's back to the ballroom for Erin Andrews.

The Fox sideline reporter will head back to the glitz and glamor on Monday for the season 19 premiere of "Dancing with the Stars."

The 36-year-old star, who already has one season under her belt as Tom Bergeron's co-host on the hit ABC show, revealed to AOL that she's excited for this season's changes ... starting with the addition of Julianne Hough in the judge's seat and a couple of new pro dancers.

See what else the blonde bombshell had to say about the ballroom antics, her hectic schedule, and why she'll never let Derek Hough pick her up.

1. On who has the craziest sense of humor ...
"Tom Bergeron has an unbelievable sense of humor. He's so hilarious. He is the kind of quarterback of our show."

2. On where she would have put a mirrorball trophy if she had won it ...
"I didn't even come close to winning the mirrorball trophy. I would have it right next to the Stanley Cup in our house. Heck yeah!"

3. On Julianne Hough's return to the ballroom ...
"They made a big change bringing me in last season and now they're bringing in a name, and a face, and legs like Julianne's. I think that's great. I am excited to have Julianne on."

4. On one of her biggest "DWTS" scares ...
"I remember the random moment where Derek Hough bent me backwards for a little dip and I was worried my hair extensions fell out."

5. On what would happen if Derek Hough asked her to dance again ...
"I did comment on Derek's Instagram account the other day when he was picking up Sofia Vergara. I said, "if you ever picked me up and spun me around like that, I would use the restroom in my pants. So don't think about it."

6. On who would be in her dream cast ...
I would die for Gisele to come onto the show. I would love my two girlfriends Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker to come on the show. They've said they'd do it if they could dance together. I think America would love that.

7. On "DWTS" rehearsals being rated "M" for mature.
"If HBO or any of the networks were smart, they'd definitely pull some of the footage and have it out there."

8. On who will be the next Maksim Chmerkovskiy, since he didn't return...
"We have Val Chmerkovskiy, who is obviously y a blood relative, so it will be good to have him there. And we have a couple of new dancers. I can't wait to get close to them and meet them and see what kind of personalities they bring."

10. On her wild schedule ...
"This year I am going to have one heck of a crazy schedule balancing my sideline gig on Sunday afternoons then getting back to Los Angeles to get ready to be on "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday. Staying healthy and staying fit is kind of a big criterion for my job. I keep Florida's orange juice in my dressing room. It has no added sugar and all the Vitamin C that you need and it is also portable."

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