Artist posts 15,000 flyers looking for love in NYC

Lonely Man Looking For Girlfriend Posts Fliers in NYC
Lonely Man Looking For Girlfriend Posts Fliers in NYC

NEW YORK (PIX11) – An NYC artist is posting thousands of flyers across the city calling for a girlfriend -- and it appears to be working.

Armed with a thick stack of flyers bearing his face and a roll of masking tape, Dan Perino tacks up his ads wherever he can. He's posted 15,000 so far.

At 3 cents each, that's a $450 investment in his love life.

Perino said it's worth every penny to fulfill the goal he came up with on a whim.

"One day, I just woke up and thought, 'I'm going to post fliers looking for a girlfriend,'" he said.

His criteria?

"She doesn't have to be a raging beauty," he said, but she does have to want children. Perino has been married before and has a child, but he wants another.

He's gone on 65 dates so far and while none have proved to be "the one," he's holding out hope.

And it's not entirely misguided, according to one expert.

"It's almost like a match made in heaven – the person who hands out the fliers with the woman who responds to the person who hands out the papers. Being yourself is a really key point in dating and he was doing that," dating coach Israel Irenstein said.

The unconventional search for love isn't all rosy, though.

Posting on public property comes with a $75 fine, according to the Department of Sanitation.

If Perino were fined for all 15,000 he's hung up, that total is a $1.1 million potential fine.

PIX11 News asked the city if they would penalize Perino and a spokesperson said if they see one on public property, they will take it down and fine the poster. But it looks like New Yorkers are pulling down Perino's signs before the Sanitation Department can get to them.

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