Cat survives 17-story fall

Cat Survives 17-Story Fall

Some say cats always land on their feet. Well, that might just be true.

Cleo, a Savannah cat who lives in Canada with her owner Joel Isfeld, jumped off a 17th story balcony last week.

Isfeld frantically searched for her, but she was no where. He posted about it on Facebook, explaining, "...we speculate that she somehow managed to recover the fall and get onto the building ledge. She is missing now and I'm very upset...the search goes on!"

He says people began responding and sending him messages trying to help find Cleo and later that night she was spotted outside a nearby building. Completely unharmed from the 17 story fall.

If you think that's impressive, you'll love this.

Sugar the cat walked away without a single broken bone or cut after falling 19 stories from a Boston high rise. It was estimated that Sugar fell between 150 and 200 feet.
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