Man who named Wi-Fi hotspot 'Bomb Location Seat 19E' causes long delay for Denver passengers

Wifi Hotspot Causes Bomb Scare at Airport
Wifi Hotspot Causes Bomb Scare at Airport

DENVER - Passengers on board a Southwest flight heading from Seattle to Denver had to deal with a scare -- and then a very long delay -- before they left the ground in Seattle on Thursday afternoon.

Passengers trying to get on the plane's Wi-Fi panicked when they saw that someone named a wireless hot spot "Southwest Bomb on Board." The man then updated it to "Bomb Location Seat 19E."

A passenger took a screen grab of the threat, and he knew he wasn't the only one who noticed.
Passenger Dennis Ryerson noted that the "flight attendants clearly were a little frazzled by it. They kept staring back toward the plane where, you know, he was."

Because it was the anniversary of 9/11, air marshals took no chances. They quickly halted the flight and arrested the man.

Passenger Joan Sundberg was right behind the suspect. She said, "I thought he was in a band because he had a guitar case, so I thought he was going for a gig in boulder or going to college."

The man was arrested without incident, but passengers waited for several hours on the tarmac as they were re-screened before being allowed to travel to Denver.

The passengers credited the crew for keeping everyone calm during the ordeal.

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