Couple gets engaged during Memphis flooding

Couple Gets Engaged During Memphis Flooding
Couple Gets Engaged During Memphis Flooding

Heavy rains hit Memphis early Thursday morning, resulting in flash floods -- but there was a silver lining for at least one couple caught in the downpour.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant declared a state of emergency as more than seven inches of rain hit the areas of southern Tennessee and northern Mississippi. It's being called the worst storm in three years.

Many were left homeless after cars, roads and homes were damaged from the floods. Rescue crews and the Coast Guard were deployed to the area to rescue trapped residents -- including this couple:

Dustin Lantrip told WPTY: "I figured I'd go ahead and ask her to marry me, and she said yeah."

His now-fiance, Leslie Bruno, said, "The ring was actually in his car, so he had to go through the water, get in there, pull it out, and he came up there, and we got engaged right here on the porch."

According to WATN's Facebook page, this wasn't what Lantrip had in mind for his proposal -- they were headed to Nashville where he intended to ask her -- until their car flooded.

Bruno later headed to Facebook where she shared the good news, writing: "He is my everything. I'm the happiest girl in the world."

We're guessing they're hoping for a dry wedding in the future.

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