Pacers forward Paul George infuriates team with pro-Ray Rice tweets

Pacers George Ray Rice Football
Pacers George Ray Rice Football


Indiana Pacers forward Paul George infuriated team officials after firing off a handful of tweets about Ray Rice.

George took Rice's side on the issue and made an online plea Thursday for him to be allowed to play football this season despite horrifying video evidence of the running back punching his wife in the face being made public this week.

The star is set to miss the upcoming season after breaking his left tibia during a Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas earlier this summer.

His remarks did not sit well with Larry Bird, the team's president and a Hall of Fame player.

George soon deleted and apologized for his rant.

But the damage was already done, and George became yet another high profile person to make headlines with his words.

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith's rant against the National Organization for Women, which demanded Goodell step down, raised more than a few eyebrows.

Goodell has dismissed any notion he'll step down.

Rice has been suspended indefinitely and was released from his contract by the Baltimore Ravens.

The disgraced former Rutgers standout's wife has stood by his side throughout the ordeal.

NFL Denies It Saw Ray Rice Video Months Ago
NFL Denies It Saw Ray Rice Video Months Ago

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