Mom-isms: When mom is always right!

Mom-Isms: When Mom IS Always Right!
Mom-Isms: When Mom IS Always Right!

No matter the situation, it seems like moms always have something to say. They have words of wisdom for all of life's scenarios and love to constantly shower their kids with different pieces of advice. While these "friendly reminders" might seem annoying at the time, they often end up sticking with children well into adulthood.

There are many lessons that kids can take away from some of the most popular "mom-isms". "Don't slouch" can prevent future health problems, and "give more than expected" can help one succeed in their future career. "Because I said so" might be the worst one of all, but it teaches kids that they don't always know best and can't see the bigger picture.

What are some of your favorite "mom-isms" from your own childhood? Do you have any sayings you use with your own children? Let us know in the comments!

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