'Married at First Sight' couples speak with GMA

Did the Couples on 'Married at First Sight' Stay Married?
Did the Couples on 'Married at First Sight' Stay Married?

Did you catch the show that paired people together to get married the day they met? Yeah, we thought it was bizarre, too. The couples on "Married at First Sight" were matched by specialists, then followed by cameras for five weeks after saying "I do." The show premiered in July.

And in the finale Tuesday, we learned whether the couples would stick it out. Jason, Doug, and Jamie all chose to stay married. But Vaughn and Monet decided they wanted a divorce.

"Good Morning America" caught up with Doug and Jamie, who decided to keep their marriage going. Lindsay Davis for GMA asked them, "Was it love at first sight for you?"

Doug answered, "No." He explained, "You're talking about your finances and debt at the wedding table ... which brought us closer together."

Vaughn and Monet ultimately decided to separate. Monet said, "I learned you need love. Love makes everything better and easier."

Monet spoke with Essence magazine, saying she truly was looking for a happy marriage and that she and Vaughn didn't decide to divorce until the last week of shooting, saying, "We were both angry because we couldn't figure out how we even got to the point where we are divorcing."

Hey, but two out of three ain't bad ... that's about a 66 percent success rate so far, which is actually higher than we expected. Regardless, the show came with both critics and supporters.

The Hollywood Reporter said, "At a time when the definition and legalities of marriage are at the forefront of national conversations, it ... seems particularly callous."

But a writer for Vulture was more impressed: "'Married' took what could have been a sensational, desperate concept and executed a substantial, touching and provocative demonstration of what happens when you turn notions of conventional Western romance on their head."

Whether they loved it or hated it, people still tuned in to watch the show. Zap2it reports the series finale was the "most-watched telecast" in the new FYI Network's history with more than 900,000 viewers.

Those views helped garner the show a second season, which is casting now.

If you missed an episode or just want to binge-watch the whole thing, head over to the show's website.

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