Life hacks to simplify your morning routine with kids

How She Does It - Morning Hacks
How She Does It - Morning Hacks

Some people make morning routines with kids look effortless, and maybe even a little glamorous, while in reality it can be really chaotic. Rachel Blumenthal, founder of parenting site Cricket's Circle, shares a few of her personal tricks to simplify it and get out of the door on time.

One of her techniques is making a classic sticker chart for her son Griffin. He eats breakfast, gets dressed, washes his hands and brushes his teeth. When he completes each one of these tasks, Griffin is rewarded with a little treat. In his case, it is stickers.

"For kids they are the greatest prize," Blumenthal explains. "He picks the stickers, we talk about what he did and then he puts it on his chart. When he fills up his chart, he feels very accomplished and we are able to award good behavior."

The next step is finding an activity that your kids love to do on their own. For Blumenthal and Griffin, that is Magna-Tiles. They entertain him for hours and are safe, non-toxic plastic used for creating magnetic structures.

Blumenthal will give Griffin a direction on what to build or he will tell her what he wants to build. Then she will go, get ready and when she comes back he will describe it to her. This technique allows Blumenthal to have time for herself, but her son also feels pride in what he built and works in a little creativity early on.

Blumenthal also has a solution for transferring between handbags without forgetting essentials. Her trick is a pouch.

"It is not so revolutionary, but it has been a lifesaver," she says while holding a simple black zip pouch. "So for me, it is everything from my wallet to pens, lip gloss, sunscreen for me and Griffin and keys."

She simply transfers the pouch to whatever bag she plans on using. It helps save time in the morning and the headache of arriving somewhere without things you needed.

Do you do any of these tricks? Or, do other hacks work better in your household? Share in the comments.

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