'I Heart Nick Carter' series premiere: Nick & Lauren set a wedding date

'I Heart Nick Carter' Series Premiere: Nick & Lauren Set A Wedding Date
'I Heart Nick Carter' Series Premiere: Nick & Lauren Set A Wedding Date

On the season premiere of "I Heart Nick Carter," the former Backstreet Boy and his fiancée Lauren finally set a date for their big day.

Nick told Lauren, "I'm ready to commit and I promise you nothing is going to stop that ... nothing." As he said this, a truck with the "March 1st?" painted on it slowly pulled by.

It didn't work out as smoothly as it seemed though. The marriage was going to be on March 1st, but Nick's management had other things in mind for the pop star. Luckily, the couple was able to compromise and change the date to April 12th.

Talking to OK Magazine, Nick and Lauren said that although it may seem strange, doing the show has brought them closer together.

Lauren told OK, "I'm out in the world, exposed and I'm a little bit more vulnerable so he's sort of stepped up and been more protective and it's brought us closer in that sense."

When the couple did actually tie the knot in April, which we'll see in a future episode, an insider told Hollywood Life, "At the end of the ceremony they shared the longest wedding kiss I've ever seen ... a full minute later they were still kissing. They seem crazy in love and thrilled to be married. You could feel the love bursting out of them."

Fans on Twitter seemingly couldn't contain their excitement about peaking into the life of Nick and Lauren with many asking for the second episode already.

To catch more episodes of "I Heart Nick Carter" you can tune in Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1.

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