Five-year-old saves her great-grandmother's life

5-Year-Old Saves Great-Grandmother From Drowning
5-Year-Old Saves Great-Grandmother From Drowning

She might not be as big and strong as your everyday superhero, but 5-year-old Carleigh McGee from San Antonio proved size doesn't matter when she saved her great-grandmother from drowning in a pool.

Carleigh told KENS: "She was struggling, and I helped her."

Her great-grandmother, Corinee McGee said, "She's my guardian angel."

Local station KENS had the story and reports Carleigh safely pulled her great-grandmother to the edge of the pool and then went to get help.

The amazing thing is Carleigh only learned how to swim a couple years ago. Carleigh thinks she was just in the right place at the right time.

Corinee tells KENS: "I did ask her, you know, 'Why did you stay by me?' and she said, 'Grandma, there was nobody else to save you!'"

When asked if she knew what a hero is, Carleigh simply shrugged her shoulders.

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