Famous TV and movie homes sell for millions

Famous TV and Movie Homes Sell for Millions
Famous TV and Movie Homes Sell for Millions

Sometimes what we remember more than the actors in movies ... is the architecture. No, seriously, stay with us here.

Who can forget the house featured in "Home Alone," where Macaulay Culkin's character sets traps for robbers after he's left home -- obviously alone -- by his parents?

How about the house with that sweet kitchen made famous by "The Brady Bunch"? Who didn't dream of nomming on some crumpets made by good ol' Alice?

Now you can own a piece of movie history ... and live in it, too (if you're a millionaire). Some famous Hollywood homes are up for sale, and "Good Morning America" showed off a few:

"Ozzie and Harriet Nelson ... Their classic Hollywood home ... now for sale. ... No more 1950s appliances, everything strictly gourmet. The asking price on the house is $4,995,000. ... Even 'The Brady Bunch' ... Their old house ... recently valued at $1.4 million."

That "Home Alone" house sold for $1.5 million. Although these homes look pretty spiffy, they're way out of our price range. Regardless, we were curious about some other famous houses ...

Like the one from the famous '80s and '90s sitcom that even has the word "house" in the title: "Full House."

Its actual location is in San Francisco, not on the fictional Girard Street, but on Broderick Street. It's not currently for sale, but real estate site Zillow says it sold in 2006 for $1,850,000.

That cool "Ghostbusters" headquarters? Real estate blog Movoto estimated that it would be worth a whopping $15 million.

What about the house in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"? We're gettin' spooky now.

Daily Mail says that it sold for $2.1 million after some major renovations. Props to whomever can live there and not have Freddy Krueger nightmares.

To check out the other houses highlighted in "Good Morning America'"s piece, visit ABC's website.

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