Alex Trebek is bringing back the mustache

Alex Trebek Is Bringing Back the Mustache
Alex Trebek Is Bringing Back the Mustache

Alex Trebek is returning to his signature look. After 13 years bare-faced, the "Jeopardy!" host will be bringing back his signature 'stache.

The game show emcee shocked the television world in 2001 when he trimmed off his whiskers after sporting them for more than 30 years. Just as we were getting used to the fresh-faced Trebek, he surprised viewers once again by debut-ing his new, well, old look -- just in time for the debut of the 31st season of "Jeopardy!"

Trebek's 'stache throughout the years:

"I shaved my mustache on a whim," he told E! "This year, I had a two and a half month period from when we were not taping a show, so I grew it back on another whim. I like to keep my life simple."

Fans of Trebek's facial hair are so excited for its triumphant return that a Twitter account cropped up in its honor.

Trebek's "furry friend" will return to the small screen on Monday, September 15.

Former 'Jeopardy!' guests weigh in on the 'stache

Famous celeb mustaches:

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