75-year-old looks years younger after ambush makeover

75-Year-Old Looks Years Younger After Ambush Makeover
75-Year-Old Looks Years Younger After Ambush Makeover

On Kathie Lee and Hoda's weekly ambush makeover segment, the dream team that turns drab to fab did it again, this time with a mother-daughter duo.

Take a look at Texan Frankie before the makeover. As you can see, she has short gray hair. She's 75, and when she was chosen for the show, her sign said, "Ready to dye." That's D-Y-E. Get it? Pretty sure that sign got the makeover staff's attention.

She and her daughter Regina were in NYC, scratching the trip off their bucket list -- and her makeover is so amazing, she's nearly unrecognizable. Check it out.

As Frankie looked at herself in the mirror, she asked, "Are y'all sure that's me?"

They chopped Frankie's hair and gave it a nice, golden brown color -- and that figure is absolutely rockin'! She looks like a brand-new woman.

Fans on Twitter were feeling the makeover, saying it made them "smile" and "looked absolutely amazing." One even said it was her "favorite makeover ever."

Really, people in general just love makeovers ... of any kind.

That's why we have series such as "Extreme Makeover" and "The Biggest Loser."

Although amazingly, the transformations on "Kathie Lee & Hoda" only take a single show to do.

Pretty sure we want to take stylist Louis Licari, wrap him up in a little box and carry him with us everywhere we go. He recently wrote on Twitter that it was "perfect hair weather for a makeover."

Kathie Lee and Hoda have their "Ambush Makeover" segment every Thursday.

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