That time goats invaded a suburban Barcelona train station


A suburban Barcelona train station was invaded Tuesday morning - by goats.

More than a dozen goats ambled onto the tracks at the station in Terrassa, about 20 miles from the Catalan capital, during the morning rush hour. It took about 40 minutes to move them along.

The herd of 17 goats was "completely disoriented and frightened," security guard Antonio Jesús Martínez told El País, according to the Guardian.

Martinez was tasked with herding the animals off the tracks. He blew his whistle and shouted at the dumbfounded beasts until they were moved out of harm's way.

"It was like I had been herding goats all my life," the guard quipped to the paper.

The same station has also had cows visit the tracks, but authorities have no idea how the animals get on the tracks.

"We're trying to figure out exactly where they would have entered from." railway official Jordi Carrera told the paper.

Despite all the commotion, train service was somehow not interrupted, authorities stressed. The goats' owner eventually showed up and worked with police to remove them, one by one.

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