Over half of American adults are single for first time ever

Over Half Of American Adults Are Single For First Time Ever
Over Half Of American Adults Are Single For First Time Ever

For the first time on record, over half of American adults are single.

Such information was first gathered and documented by the government in 1976.

At that time, just over 37 percent of grown-ups in the U.S. were flying solo, but the number has been increasing since.

The 50 percent mark was passed in July of 2014. The report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that among the over 124 million single people in America, 30 percent of them have never been married. Around 20 percent have a status of divorced, separated, or widowed.

The trend towards single living is expected to have a large impact on the economy, as the wed and unwed differ in more ways than just their marital status.

The absence of dependents significantly alters how much spare money individuals have and how they choose to spend it.

Beyond shopping habits, the trend toward staying or becoming single is expected to influence politics and society.

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