Giants fan burns Eli Manning jersey after awful game versus Detroit Lions



New York Giants fans are already fed up with Eli Manning.

A terrible opening game by the franchise quarterback on the heels of a career-worst 2013-14 season has led fans to start burning Manning jerseys.

The video, uploaded Tuesday to YouTube by Chase Hansen, shows Giants superfan John Sherman grumbling about the two-time Super Bowl champion QB while holding his jersey over an open fire.

"I am so sick and tired of Eli Manning. He sucks, he needs to be benched," shouts Sherman, in the video first found by fan forum Giants101. "I am burning my Eli Manning jersey because he sucks.

"There you go," Sherman continues while putting the jersey into the fire. "Burn Eli, burn... he needs to go down.

"Eli Manning sucks."

A separate statement under the video describes Sherman as a Giants fan since he could speak. Sherman rants that Eli "needs to go or we are going to have many miserable years ahead."

The jersey burning New Jerseyan also urges other Giants fans to burn their Manning jerseys too.

Manning has led the Giants to two Super Bowl victories since 2009, but he is hardly considered an elite quarterback.

The younger brother of sure fire first ballot Hall of Fame Dener Broncos QB Peyton Manning, Big Blue's franchise man tossed a career (and league)-high 27 interceptions last season.

The Giants played so poorly last season that a well-known strip club banned the team's games from being aired on their screens because patrons became angry while watching Big Blue lose every week.

He followed that up with a dread preseason and two more interceptions in the Giants' opening game versus the Detroit Lions.

Eli Manning is in the fifth season of a six-year, 97.5 million contract. He will make a more than $20 million this season.

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