Rob Lowe on kids in college: 'I'm like the crazy dad in the corner of the frat house'

AOL Exclusive - Rob Lowe's 'Empty Nest'
AOL Exclusive - Rob Lowe's 'Empty Nest'

College isn't just for the kids!

Well, at least not if you're Rob Lowe.

The 50-year-old actor and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, became empty nesters this year when they sent their youngest son, John Owen, off to college, but Lowe joked to AOL that he's enjoying the collegiate experience just as much as his two sons.

"I did movies when everybody else my age was in college, so I never had that experience. I am completely living vicariously [through my kids].

And it sounds like his "St. Elmo's Fire" alter ego Billy Hicks would even be impressed with his return to the ivory tower.

"I'm like the crazy dad in the corner of the frat house," Lowe kidded. "I'm getting a second shot at it."

While being an empty nester in his "too quiet" California home has been an adjustment, seeing his children thrive is extremely rewarding.

"It's been great. I am so proud of the kids. They are off doing well," Lowe, who recently partnered with Genworth, told AOL.