Isola La Gaiola is a beautiful island ... but is it cursed?

Isola La Gaiola - Beautiful, But Cursed?
Isola La Gaiola - Beautiful, But Cursed?

Just look at this island. Clear, blue water, beautiful skies ... it looks peaceful, right? It's called Isola La Gaiola, made up of two small islands in the Gulf of Naples connected by a small stone bridge, only a "swims-length" from the coast.

It looks peaceful, right? Well, maybe not so much. You'll want to think twice before you head out to the island. You might just get caught in its curse. It started in the 1920s, when Hans Braun, the guy who owned the villa on the island, was found dead, wrapped in a carpet.

Then, his wife drowned. The next owner died of a heart attack while staying in the villa. The owner after that committed suicide. This went on until 1978, when the island became the property of the Campania Region.

There were plans to build a museum there, but it never happened. Instead, the islands are now in the middle of a marine protected area, which restricts human access. That's probably a good thing.

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