Elvis the rooster causes ruckus in Maine

Elvis the Rooster Causes Ruckus in Maine
Elvis the Rooster Causes Ruckus in Maine

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine - A dispute about rooster in a Cape Elizabeth neighborhood may keep residents crowing in the near future.

The town council voted 6-1 to refer to the ordinance committee the issue of whether or not the town should allow roosters be kept on small lots, Town Manager Michael K. McGovern said in an email.

He did not know when the committee would take up the proposal.

The issue arose after Patrick and Crystal Kennedy set up a chicken coop and the complaints started coming in about their rooster, Elvis. They soundproofed the coop.

"To have rooster noise banned in a town like Cape Elizabeth is just silly. It's just ridiculous. Songbirds and crows are just as loud," said Elvis' owner, Patrick Kennedy.

They say a neighbor, who has chickens of his own, filed the complaint with the town.

"Something like this, there's always strong feelings, and unfortunately we regulate noise for barking dogs and noise made by people but not by animals, so it's something the town needs to look at," McGovern said.

The Kennedys said they feel if they can't have their rooster, it will be a violation of their civil liberties.

"It's upsetting and it's absurd and it's bullying," said Crystal Kennedy.