Bracelet for fallen 9/11 firefighter reunited with owner

Bracelet for Fallen 9/11 Firefighter Reunited With Owner
Bracelet for Fallen 9/11 Firefighter Reunited With Owner

LONG ISLAND (PIX11) – Two families on Long Island will forever be linked because of an incredible find on a beach.

A metal bracelet meant to remember fallen 9/11 firefighter, Michael Otten, was lost years ago, and now it's been found.

Long Island resident, Marlene Quinn, recalled the day she found the bracelet on the beach at Robert Moses State Park a few weeks ago.

She lost her brother, Michael, suddenly in April. He was a Long Island volunteer firefighter. The bracelet had the name, Michael Otten, when she picked it up.

Otten's widow, Marion, told us about 50 bracelets were made back in 2001, and given out friends and family. Marion received the bracelet, and a letter in the mail from Marlene. She didn't know the bracelet had been lost until she received it in the mail, she said.

Jonathan Otten lost the bracelet back in 2004. He was 8-years-old when he lost his dad on September 11th, 2001.

Otten, one of three, said he Is on the list to become an New York City firefighter. He wants to be like his dad.

Both families said the finding gives them some comfort.

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