'Utopia,' Fox's $50 million show premieres

'Utopia' Season Premiere: Will The New Social Experiment Be A Hit Or Miss?
'Utopia' Season Premiere: Will The New Social Experiment Be A Hit Or Miss?

"Utopia" premiered on September 7th, and it's already obvious that things may not be, well, perfect.

"Utopia" takes 15 strangers and separates them from the world for a full year. Those strangers will then come together to try to make a perfect a society. The twist? They all have completely different views on what the perfect Utopia should be, and viewers will be able to vote players out, while other players will come in over the course of the year.

There'll be 130 cameras everywhere to pick up all of the action for the audience who'll also be able to access a live feed at any point, similar to the popular CBS show "Big Brother."

As International Business Times notes, the group started with two cows, chickens, one barn, 5 acres of land, a lake, a telephone and $5,000 to spend on their Utopia.

Before the show had even aired its first episode, it was making waves with news that it's costing Fox $50 million to produce it and has already 1 million online streaming views according to Entertainment Weekly.

Luckily for Fox, critics are seeing the potential in the new show.

"We're not sure if we actually enjoy the show ... or if it is just such a car crash that you cannot turn away from it. In the end, though, this is just the premiere. There's still a long ways to go before we know if this experiment really works."

As for fans on Twitter, they seem to be less optimistic, one fan saying their Utopia would be a world without the show "Utopia."

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