Praying for rain; Saturday's downpour give B.C. Clark brides free engagement rings

Jewelry Store Has Brides Hoping for a Rainy Wedding Day
Jewelry Store Has Brides Hoping for a Rainy Wedding Day

Rain, rain go away, come again on your ... wedding day!?

B.C. Clark's quirky "Pray for Rain" campaign awarded four Oklahoma couples free wedding rings on September 8th, and one of those couples had been doing rain dances for weeks.

"I love the rain! This dreariness is my favorite weather," Shannon Garbe said.

That's not what you would expect to hear from a bride on her wedding day, with a ceremony outside.

"I woke up at 6 a.m., I think just because of nerves and my mom had texted me and said look at the rain gauge!" Garbe said.

Her husband to be, Cooper Garbe, got the phone call Saturday morning from B.C.Clark with the good news.

"As if this day couldn't get any better," Garbe said. "I get to marry the love of my life and now you're telling me I get a ring for free!"

"It's been a fun promotion and we have actually had about 162 couples to date since 1998. A lot of times couples look at rain on their wedding day as a bad thing but this promotion kind of helps bring some light to that and make it more fun," B.C. Clark's Mitchell Clark said.

Clark says this dry summer has been slow for the "Pray for Rain" campaign.

There's only been one other day this year that it has rained or snowed an inch or more on one of their customer's wedding days.

Saturday morning's downpour sealed the deal hours before the Garbe's walked down the aisle.

"We always said if it rains then so be it," Cooper Garbe said. "We'll have umbrellas. We'll stand out in the rain. It'll be beautiful no matter what happens."

Any couple who purchases their engagement rings from B.C. Clark is eligible.

It just has to rain or snow one inch or more on your wedding day and you're a winner!

B.C. Clark will refund your money up to $5,000.

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