Baby crocodile breaks free at Universal Studios Florida

Baby Crocodile Breaks Free At Universal Studios Florida
Baby Crocodile Breaks Free At Universal Studios Florida

A theme park recently got into some trouble when a crocodile exhibit got a little out of hand.

Heather Nauert reports for FOX NEWS, "You can hear the kids scream. Look at that slippery sucker!"

OK, so it's not exactly a monster -- it was just a baby -- but it did put a pretty good scare into the crowd. And thankfully it was nabbed up by a trainer shortly thereafter with no injuries to report.

Nauert jokingly added, "Yes, they all survived."

But crocodiles -- babies or not -- are nothing to be toyed with. As LiveScience notes: "A crocodile's jaws can apply 5,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. This means that they can bite through an arm or a leg with no problem. A human's jaw only produces 100 pounds of pressure per square inch."

If you do want to get up close and personal with crocs on your vacation though, there are safer ways to do it.

The Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead, Florida offers airboat rides and live feedings -- although that still looks terrifying.

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