Video essay could get you into Goucher College in Maryland

Video Essay Could Get You Into This Marlyand College
Video Essay Could Get You Into This Marlyand College

TOWSON, Md. -- A local college has found a new way to attract students to campus, and it has little to nothing to do with a transcript or an essay.

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WBAL reports: Goucher College may be the first school in the nation to allow students to apply by sending the admissions office a two-minute video. The non-traditional idea is generating a lot of conversation among current and potential students.

The videos could land potential students a spot on the campus with no strings attached. The videos could be a huge draw for next year's freshman class.

"We wanted a way to get people directly to tell us who they are. College should be about recognizing potential, not privilege," said Jose Bowen, Goucher's new president.

Bowen said the idea is to give potential students a 21st century option.

"We wanted a way to say, 'OK, the SAT is predictive, it does predict who will do well in college taking more tests, but it doesn't measure potential,' and we wanted to find a way to increase the amount of potential on campus," Bowen said.

"I haven't heard of any other schools doing that. I think that's an innovative idea," said Anna Young, a Goucher student.

"Goucher's philosophy, I think, won't change, whether you want to play with videos or play with essays. The idea of looking in and trying to see what person you're dealing with will remain what Goucher does best," said Adam Gellar, a Goucher student.

Goucher said students can still apply the traditional way or use a combination of both transcripts, essays and videos.

"It would have been nice. It would have been a better way for them to get to know me but, obviously, I think I did well enough getting in. Getting into college is always a stressful process," said Sunny Keita, a Goucher student.

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