Seattle Seahawks forget lyrics to 'Star Spangled Banner'

Seattle Seahawks Forget The Words To The National Anthem
Seattle Seahawks Forget The Words To The National Anthem

The 2014 NFL season kicked off Thursday with the Green Bay Packers playing against the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. While the Seahawks won on the field, they started the game with a significant error.

Singer Ariana Grande performed the National Anthem at CenturyLink Field, and while she didn't mess up the words, the Seattle Seahawks' social media team did.

They tweeted, "The home of the free. And the land of the brave. You tell 'em Ariana Grande!"

To which the 21-year-old singer wrote back, "Good luck and thank you for having me... P.S you got the lyrics backwards." Yeah, it's "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Perhaps they were just moved by the performance.

The Seattle Seahawks explained, "Your rendition got the best of us. At least the important one of us got it right."

Tha's more than you can say about Christina Aguilera's performance at Super Bowl XLV. Apparently the line "What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming" is her favorite lyric, as she sang it not once... but twice. Not to fret, it's not like anyone watches the Super Bowl.

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