Polish prankster scares people with 'mutant spider'

Polish Prankster Scares People With 'Mutant Spider'
Polish Prankster Scares People With 'Mutant Spider'

If you are afraid of spiders, this video by a Polish prankster may not be for you --but instead of a giant spider, this animal is actually something adorable. The video already has more than 3 million views since it was published Thursday.

And its posting to Reddit probably helped it gain some momentum.

Definitely check out the full video if you want to see more terrified reactions. But here's the question of the day: How did the prankster get the spider to move so well?

Lo and behold... it's just an adorable dog in what looks like an incredibly well-made Halloween costume.

And of course, the "DogSpider" already has it's own Facebook fan page which has over 13,000 likes.

Good thing it didn't bark during the prank ... We can't even begin to guess what people's reactions would've been. Although the video is gaining a lot of attention for its creativity, some commenters were concerned about the pup's well-being during the prank, bringing up the point that some people's reactions could've actually harmed the dog. However, the man behind the video told us on Twitter she's safe and happy.

But luckily it looks like the SpiderDog always returned to the prankster safely. If you want to see the entire video, you can subscribe to SA Wardega's YouTube channel.

Watch the whole video below:

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