Policeman Shows Off Dance Moves at London 'Silent Disco'

Policeman Shows Off Dance Moves at London Festival
Policeman Shows Off Dance Moves at London Festival

A policeman was not content with just watching people enjoy themselves at a small London festival in Soho.

The London 'bobby' grabbed a pair of headphones to get involved in a "Silent Disco," during which people all listen to the same song at the same time, without disturbing anyone around them.

Losing himself in the music, the cop struts around, making the outdoor dance floor his own. He even throws in a few hip bumps and jumping-jacks for good measure.

While he delighted those around him at the festival, we can't help but wonder what passersby who weren't part of the Silent Disco were thinking!

Of course, this groovy cop isn't the first civil servant to get down in public. Recently, a Buckingham Palace guard made some subtle moves that cracked up the crowd ... but things didn't end so well for him.

After a video of his antics went viral, The Daily Mail reported that the "Army and Ministry of Defence were not amused." An "internal investigation" was launched.

Here's hoping this cop just gets a pat on the back ... and maybe a gift certificate for a dance lesson.

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