Long Island man finds $2.9 million winning lotto ticket in truck

Long Island Man Finds $2.9M Winning Lotto Ticket In Truck
Long Island Man Finds $2.9M Winning Lotto Ticket In Truck

You know that awesome feeling you get when you randomly find 5 bucks in the pocket of your jeans? Well, take that feeling and multiply it by a couple million.

A lucky Long Island man got a 2.9 million dollar surprise when he found a winning lotto ticket laying around in his truck ... a month after he bought it. Auto body shop owner Jerry Ritieni spent $20 on lottery tickets and then just forgot about them.

"I was going through my numbers one by one, circling each number that matched up," Ritieni told the New York Post. "It took a minute for me to comprehend that I just hit the jackpot. I was like, 'No way, no way! Holy S#!t!' "

This stroke of luck was a 1 in 47 million chance, but don't despair. People come across giant piles of cash all the time.

In May three friends picked up a second hand couch for $20 and in the cushions they found $40,000. Instead of paying back student loans or buying a really awesome shoe collection the trio tracked down the owner and managed to return an elderly woman's life savings to her.

And in November a Rabbi made quite a discovery when he purchased an old desk from craigslist -- a $98,000 discovery. But, like the three friends who found cash in a couch he returned the money to it's rightful owner. Rabbi Muroff received a lovely thank you note from the owner and hopefully as much good karma as $100,000 can get you.

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