Fisherman catches 18-inch-long shrimp

Monster Shrimp Caught In Florida

A Florida fisherman caught what can only be described as a giant shrimp.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted a number of
images on their Facebook page of an 18-inch-long crustacean caught on a dock in Fort Pierce. Fisherman Steve Bargeron says a friend of his grabbed it by its back, just like a lobster.

Though it's not completely clear as to the exact species, FWC scientists suspect that it could be a type of mantis shrimp, which aren't really related to shrimp at all but can grow up to around 12 inches.

It's also unclear as to what was done with the discovery.

HUGE shrimp
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Fisherman catches 18-inch-long shrimp
UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 09: Giant mantis shrimp (Squilla maculata). Handcolored engraving by Pretre from Charles d'Orbigny's Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire Naturelle (Universal Dictionary of Natural History) 1849. Charles d'Orbigny (1806~76) was a French naturalist. His father Charles Marie was a doctor in the French army and his elder brother Alcide was a famous naturalist and paleontologist. Charles started his studies at La Rochelle then left to study medicine in Paris. In 1834 he won an appointment in the geology department at the National Museum of Natural History. From 1837 to 1864 he headed the department of natural history until ill health forced him to quit. He died in Paris on Feb. 14, 1876. (Photo by Florilegius/SSPL/Getty Images)
Mantis shrimp pile upon each in a water tank at a seafood market in Hong Kong on May 3, 2014. A government ban in 2013 on the use of trawlers within Hong Kong waters in response to the declining number of fish was welcomed by wildlife groups, but has left some fighting for their livelihoods. AFP PHOTO/ ALEX OGLE (Photo credit should read Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty Images)
UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 27: Marche-style mantis shrimp with lemon and parsley. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
Mantis Shrimp
Lysiosquillidae>Lysiosquillina Mantis shrimp claw IMG5139

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