Concerned shoppers might have saved toddler's life

Concerned Shoppers Might Have Saved Toddler's Life
Concerned Shoppers Might Have Saved Toddler's Life

Firefighters rescued a toddler from a hot car at a San Jose shopping mall Monday after receiving a call from concerned shoppers.

The mother of the two-year-old could face child neglect charges. In the rescue video you can hear witnesses commenting on how sweaty the child is.

Local station KTVU was one of the first media outlets to cover the story. Firefighters told the outlet the temperature in that area on Monday was about 90 degrees, "meaning the temperature in the car may have been 121 degrees in 20 minutes."

The child's mother claims she was only going to be in the store for a quick errand.

Executive Editor for tells USA Today that even cooler temperatures don't give us the OK to leave a child in a car:

"Even in temperatures below 60 degrees in the sunlight, a car can reach a temperature that can be fatal for especially an infant."

Unfortunately, not all cases end as well as the one in San Jose.

The Department of Meteorology and Climate Science reports a total of 26 children have died so far in 2014 from heat strokes in vehicles. The majority of them were younger than two years old.

Just Wednesday, a 15-month-old baby was found dead after being left in a hot car on a military base in Maryland. WJLA reports the father has since been arrested by the NCIS.

The firefighters say they greatly appreciated the call from the shoppers in San Jose. It's recommended to call 911 immediately if you see a child unattended in a hot vehicle.

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