14 adorable animal best friends that will brighten up your weekend


It's finally the weekend! Celebrate with these photos from around the web of animals that are best friends and know how to show it.

These miniature dachshunds have the sweetest matching expressions. Friends think alike!

Best friends tanning in the summer sun.

Sometimes friends fight, but that's okay.

Look at these four pals cruising through town together.

Okay, so I know these aren't both "animals" but come on, this is adorable.

These two understand that friendship is all about sharing that water bowl.

Best bunny friends that stick together.

Best friends share sweets with each other.

Chinchillas who live together, stay together.

These two took a trip to pet care together and proved that you always need a friend by your side.

Piggy and Polly relaxing together like best friends do.

Our hearts just melted. Matching dog outfits!

This golden retriever and turtle friends share their lunch together like best friends would.

And sometimes, at the end of the day, all we need is a friend to cuddle with.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of adorable puppies!