6th grade teacher gets outpouring of support after cancer diagnosis

6th Grade Teacher Gets Outpouring Of Support After Cancer Diagnosis

In the blink of an eye, Carol Clark's life changed dramatically last year.

6th grade teacher gets outpouring of support after cancer diagnosis
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6th grade teacher gets outpouring of support after cancer diagnosis

"They said it was definitely cancer..." Carol explained about her diagnosis. Following that diagnosis came chemotherapy, surgery, and complications.

The school teacher from Jaime Escalante Elementary was out of work for months.

"I was feeling so crummy, because I lost a lot of weight. Once I lost the weight, I lost all my strength and energy," Carol explained.

"She literally was in a wheelchair or walker if she needed to get around," her husband Dave Clark said.

"Watching your wife -- sorry i get emotional -- but it's just difficult. You see your wife ... and you feel helpless," he explained.

To make matters worse -- she was out of sick days.

So once Dave -- also a teacher at the same school -- found out about an L.A. USD program that allows teachers to donate up to 20 of their own sick days for catastrophic illnesses, he started emailing everyone in their circle.

Dozens of teachers responded generously -- and many were strangers.

"I started getting letter after letter after letter," Dave said.

Carol received more than 150 days from teachers all over the district. She was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. "I felt very humbled," she explained.

"That allowed her that time during the summer to really get herself back to where she needed to be -- which is back in the classroom," Dave said.

Now, things are looking up -- her cancer is in remission.

"I started to feel very down, very negative. But once these donations of sick days started coming in, It did make me feel better. It did give me hope."

"There [are] good people out there. A lot of good things."

Carol says that no words can describe her gratitude -- "thank you" just isn't enough.

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