Student in hysterics after being forced to change

Mom Furious After School Forced Daughter To Wear A 'Shame Suit'
Mom Furious After School Forced Daughter To Wear A 'Shame Suit'

A Florida mom is furious after her 15-year-old daughter was forced to wear a "shame suit" following a dress code violation at Oakleaf High School.

Miranda Larkin wore this black skirt for her third day at a brand new school. But when a teacher noticed the skirt, she sent her to the school nurse. School officials say they gave Larkin three options: 1) have someone drop off another outfit, 2) go to in-school detention or 3) wear baggy red sweatpants with a neon yellow shirt reading 'dress code violation.'

Larkin claims she wasn't given three choices, only the "shame suit." Shortly after putting it on, she broke down and broke into hives.

The teen was eventually allowed to leave school early without suspension, but her mother says that wasn't enough. She plans on filing a complaint with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

A school board attorney said in a statement, "None of us see this as a FERPA violation as it is not a personally identifiable student record."

Larkin isn't the first female student to be shamed in front of classmates. A number of female students at an Oklahoma high school were humiliated by a superintendent, who told girls wearing short skirts to bend over, sometimes calling them "skanks." Despite the fact the superintendent admitted to using the term, no investigation was ever launched.

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