Lost ring found on live TV, reunited with owner

Lost Ring Found on Live TV, Reunited With Owner
Lost Ring Found on Live TV, Reunited With Owner

SAN DIEGO -– A San Diego woman was reunited with her lost class ring after a member of the Fox 5 news team found it in the sand at La Jolla Shores Wednesday.

FOX 5 reports: The ring belonging to 21-year-old Lina Gonzalez went missing a year ago in Fiesta Island during a bonfire. The ring had Lina's name, the year 2011 and the initials "MC" engraved. On the inside, there was an inscription that read "u go girl."

"I use it as a symbol I guess you could say ... it is like my achievement and reward for everything I did in high school," said Gonzalez.

The ring remained missing until it was discovered on Wednesday morning by Fox 5's Jason Handman during the live show.

Handman posted a photo and a description of the ring on the Fox 5 Facebook page.

Gonzalez saw the Facebook post sometime Wednesday afternoon and called the Fox 5 newsroom to get reunited with her ring.

"It feels great, I am mind blown. I saw it on Facebook and I didn't even think twice ... I said 'that's my ring right there,'" said Gonzalez.

Paul Dragos of the San Diego Coin Shooters spends a lot of his free time digging for lost treasures on the San Diego beaches. He was with Handman on the morning news demonstrating how to "look for treasures."

"This probably meant a lot to this young lady and when you can find something and return it, it's just as valuable as finding an expensive piece of jewelry," said Dragos. "You never know what you are going to find and I got a good signal ... sometimes you find lots of nails and bottle caps but if you've been doing this a while, you know when it's a good find."

Dragos said good finds are typically best found after a storm or a big wave, especially like the ones San Diego just had.

"The wave action, the high tides ... there are rings and things that we think have been out there for maybe 50 to 100 years that you will find this high up the beach," said Dragos.

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