'World's Saddest Cat' finds a home

World's Saddest Cat Finds Happy Home
World's Saddest Cat Finds Happy Home

Look at this cutie. Just look at her! The Internet has dubbed Tucker the tabby the 'World's Saddest Cat' and we can see why.

The adorable downer was looking for a home while she waited at an adoption center in Washington D.C. -- but fortunately the recent media attention brought her new owner.

We promise she's actually a happy, pleasant kitty. It's just some pesky genetic abnormality that makes the 1-year-old look so somber all the time.

Sound familiar? The Internet celeb Grumpy Cat can relate.

Her owner says the reason she always looks so 'not impressed' is because of feline dwarfism -- but we know she's beaming on the inside at all the attention.

As for dogs, though...we aren't sure why some of them have permanent puppy dog eyes -- but they sure are adorable.