People can't wait for the new iPhone 6


People are already standing on line for the iPhone 6.

Apple has not yet announced the existence of the phone, or even a release date, but people have begun dropping stakes in front of the iconic glass-cubed Apple Store in Midtown Manhattan.

The tech company has an event scheduled for next week where it is expected to detail the latest iPhone and perhaps even an iWatch.

The squatters were first spotted by CNBC.

One of them, Brian Ceballo, told the network he plans to beat the 18-day record set by previous fanboys.

Ceballo and friend Joseph Cruz explained they are being paid $1,250 to hold down the front of the line. Cruz bragged to CNBC he has made $7,000 waiting for phone launches in the past.

The owner of iPhone waiting service Same Ol Line Dudes, Robert Samuel, also claimed to the business news channel that he has already sold seven orders for the new devices – mostly to customers from his cronut waiting service.

Those interested should know the line standers cost $25 the first hour and $10 each additional half-hour.

Based on Samuel's experience, he said to expect Apple's latest and greatest on September 19.

Next week's announcement couldn't come at a better time.

A photo hacking scandal coupled with a series of Samsung product announcements have sent the company's stock below $100 per share for the first time in weeks.

Apple Investors Spooked by Samsung's Unveiling of New Devices
Apple Investors Spooked by Samsung's Unveiling of New Devices

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