Melvin's Journey: Message in a bottle holds man's last wish

Message in a Bottle Holds Man's Last Wish
Message in a Bottle Holds Man's Last Wish

Through a message in a bottle, one man's journey at sea continues, even after his death. This is Mel, and his family. Mel passed away recently, and while that could have been the end of the story, his adventure presses onward.

This is a bottle, found by a fisherman on Frances beach in California. And after some pulling and prying the fisherman was able to open it. Inside was a message from Mel: "Today my family is laying me to rest in a place that I love... The ocean. So this starts my journey... If you find this message in a bottle please go to my Facebook page, post a pic of yourself and where you found me and send me back on my journey."

After the fisherman resealed the it, he threw the bottle out into the sea, sending Mel back out on his ocean trip.

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