Man rescues snorkeler ... and it's not his first rescue

Man Saves Snorkeler In Distress — And This Isn't His First Rescue
Man Saves Snorkeler In Distress — And This Isn't His First Rescue

A California man vacationing in Hawaii became exhausted while snorkeling off the coast, but thankfully an experienced rescuer was swimming nearby -- and the whole rescue was caught on camera. Daren Jenner told "Good Morning America" about the experience.

Jenner told ABC, "You could just see the look on his face. That look of terror, that look like, 'I think I'm dying.'"

Fifty-five-year-old Jenner, a former paramedic and volunteer lifeguard, was body surfing when he noticed the man calling for help. The GoPro camera on his handboard captured him bringing the exhausted man to shore.

In an article about Jenner, Gopro Magazine quoted him saying: "I got to him and gave him my handboard for flotation. It attaches to my bicep with a strong leash, so I left it on and it helped to keep him close by."

Although he appeared on "Good Morning America" Wednesday to talk about his heroics, this wasn't Jenner's first go-around with rescues or appearances on ABC.

Eleven years ago he was on the morning show for being the lead paramedic on the scene when a man suffered a cardiac arrest and had no pulse for 30 minutes.

And The Phuket News reports that just in July, Jenner, along with other lifeguards rescued a family who was getting pulled away from shore by a rip current.

For Jenner's most recent rescue, it might sound almost too convenient that he happened to catch it all on camera. But using a GoPro while body surfing is nothing new for him.

His Facebook page is covered with photos and videos of him in action, and in late August he wrote: "I hope you all have enjoyed my bodysurfing photos. I want to show that bodysurfing is the bomb and a great sport."

Even after all his good deeds, Jenner says he doesn't consider himself a hero.

See the full video below:

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