Local reporter barely standing in storm

Local Reporter Barely Standing In Storm
Local Reporter Barely Standing In Storm

This is what we call commitment. Check out WHIO reporter Gabrielle Enright on the scene in Ohio.

News anchor Leticia Perry turned it over to Gabrielle, saying, "Lightning and heavy rain in the area. Gabrielle?"

"The wind is blowing very hard. It just broke my umbrella," Gabrielle answered.

The amazing thing here is work ethic -- she literally weathered the storm. 'CBS This Morning's' team even seemed ready to steal her from WHIO.

"If I [were] a news director, I would hire her immediately," one CBS anchor said.

This all went down Tuesday in New Lebanon, Ohio. WKEF reported flash flood warnings in the area that morning.

The weather forecast had called for AM thunderstorms -- sounds about right.

Enright had a great sense of humor about it all. She tweeted this screenshot of herself and said, if you weren't watching WHIO, you missed this.

Our favorite part might be WHIO's headline, though -- that Enright was "surprised by strength of storm." Yes, indeed. You can see the whole video on the station's website -- it's worth a watch.

Can we request that Gabby give it another a go? WDTN says the area is set for more storms this weekend.

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