Couple stranded on sailboat for nearly a week

Couple Stranded On Sailboat For Nearly A Week
Couple Stranded On Sailboat For Nearly A Week

Bogdan Makowski, 69, told KTBS about what it was like being stranded on his sailboat with his wife Elizabeth, who is 61, for nearly a WEEK without any food.

The Florida couple ate their entire supply of food on the first day, not knowing what was about to happen.

The boat's engine died 10 miles off the coast. They couldn't call for help because their phone died.

To make things worse, a storm ripped their sail - which meant they couldn't sail the boat to shore.

Fortunately a worried friend alerted the Coast Guard after a few days and the search for the Makowski's began. The team who found the couple, was surprised to see that, despite being exhausted, they were in good shape.

And you might think this would make the couple seasick, but Bogdan told WTLV they plan to go back out next season after fixing their boat.

He said, "I don't care about this because I am a sailor."

Whether it's the weather or some other force of nature, be prepared for anything out on the open water.

Last year, newlyweds on their honeymoon got stuck on an island for a few extra days when a giant lazy elephant seal took up shop on their dinghy and refused to budge. That's something we would never see coming.

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