Can you guess what police say this woman stole?


An Arkansas woman has been charged with stealing, of course, eye makeup.

Brandy Allen, 31, of Fayetteville, was arrested after Ulta Beauty Store staff claimed she stole $144 worth of eye shadow, according to KHBS.

A 911 caller said the makeup-addicted woman was shoving handfuls of the product into her purse.

Allen attempted to cover up her alleged thieving by rubbing the ends of the eye shadow to make them look as if they were previously used, authorities said.

Woman Steals $144 Worth Of Eye Shadow
Woman Steals $144 Worth Of Eye Shadow

She also began shouting and cursing inside the store when approached by a concerned manager, according to the station.

Authorities charged her with shoplifting and disorderly conduct, records showed. Her next court hearing is scheduled for September 26.

Fashion police are still investigating her bizarre choice of eye makeup.

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