Buckingham Palace guard puts on a subtle show for visitors

Buckingham Palace Guard Surprises Crowd With Unique Dancing Skills
Buckingham Palace Guard Surprises Crowd With Unique Dancing Skills

Update: While antics delighted the crowd, The Daily Mail reports that the "Army and Ministry of Defence were not amused." An "internal investigation" was launched, and he could face disciplinary action. Poor guy! Perhaps he'd like to move to America and join the newest 'Dancing With the Stars' cast?

Guardsmen at the Buckingham Palace are often praised for their disciplined drill techniques and their ability to stand for long periods of time without moving or showing emotion.

This Buckingham Palace guard must have tired of the usual routine, because he decided to inject some humor and energy into his morning march.

While walking between the sentry box and Palace wall, he pirouettes gracefully, "freezes" in place and even stops to wipe a pesky smudge he notices on the sentry box, much to the amusement of crowds gathered outside the gates.

All of his unexpected moves are very subtle, leaving the crowd wondering if they really just saw him do something funny. Since it was such an unusual, quirky moment, a cameraman couldn't turn away without filming.

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