100-year-old turtle proves you're never too old to move

This Turtle Proves You're Never Too Old to Move

He's lived through a lot -- two world wars, 16 American presidencies and the space race. Emerson is nearly 100 years old, but don't count this turtle out anytime soon, Reuters reports.

Emerson the tortoise
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100-year-old turtle proves you're never too old to move
Emerson the #Galapagos #tortoise is settling into his new home here. Photo: R. Andrew Odum http://t.co/537luqrXWx http://t.co/vKSsT4wPYz
What type of annuity does the @ToledoZoo Emerson the 100 year old tortoise have? http://t.co/h72Jc0AttO http://t.co/ga2VU8XGQY
#ThrowbackThursday Seeing @ToledoZoo's Emerson (http://t.co/bGK5v3iG4W); flashback to my trip to the #Galapagos. #TBT http://t.co/hBHdCv7BOY
Guess who just moved in @ToledoZoo? Meet Emerson, the 400+ pound Galapagos tortoise http://t.co/KyqFhAOmmA http://t.co/G4BDrWGqju

The male tortoise has picked up and is starting over, so to speak. He's now at the Toledo Zoo. Leaving his comfy digs at the San Diego Zoo was no small endeavor. Emerson weighs almost 450 pounds and required a specialized crate for the approximately 2,300-mile journey. The crate alone weighs 250 pounds.

Galapagos tortoises are considered a vulnerable population. They live about 150 years, and males tend to grow to be about six feet long. While he's about two-thirds of the way through his expected lifespan, Emerson is still a very active tortoise.

Jonny Carlson, reptile keeper at the San Diego zoo, says Emerson is a "pretty active tortoise actually, so it's kinda cool that they're going to get one that would actually do better on his own a little bit, because he is so active, and the other tortoises kind of get in his way sometimes."

R. Andrew Odum, the Toledo Zoo's curator of herpetology, told The Blade that Emerson is "a very majestic, statesman tortoise."

According to The Blade, Emerson was a pretty hot attraction over Labor Day weekend, and attendance at the Toledo Zoo was up, "with 5,485 visitors compared with 4,874 on the Sunday before Labor Day in 2013, and 4,150 in 2012."

Who says being a centenarian has to slow you down?

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