Tebow owned in more fantasy leagues than Jaguars starting QB Chad Henne


The NFL is back in our lives this week, and that means fantasy football has returned to the forefront as well. Thousands upon thousands of people participate in fantasy football every year on a number of different outlets offering the same exciting experience for their users.

Fantasy football has grown so much in the last decade that there are now shows dedicated solely to fantasy sports, analysts whose job it is to discuss fantasy football, and every ticker on the bottom of an NFL game shares "fantasy statistics" with the fans watching.

Fantasy football is about longevity. Can all of your starters survive the entire treacherous season? And do you have the right backups to ensure that if one player goes down, you have the perfect replacement?

With only a limited number of spots on each team, every player becomes extremely valuable to your chances of winning your league. With the premium so high on roster spots, it would likely come as a major shock that many fantasy footballers employ former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on their squads.

Yes, Tim Tebow is actually taking up roster spots on fantasy football teams across the country even though he has not played an NFL game since 2012 and is not currently on any rosters in the NFL. To make matters even more hilarious, Tebow is actually owned in more ESPN Fantasy Leagues than Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback Chad Henne.

As you can see in the image above, courtesy of The Big Lead, Tebow is owned in 1.3 percent of ESPN leagues, while Chad Henne is owned in just .8 percent of leagues.

Apparently Henne is such a terrible fantasy QB that people would rather have a non-active NFL player who is currently working as an SEC analyst on their squad. If this means anything at all, it may be time for Jacksonville to start considering how long they want to keep No. 3 overall pick Blake Bortles on the bench.

Tebow's Great Spurrier Impression
Tebow's Great Spurrier Impression

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