Pamela Anderson is unrecognizable on magazine cover

Pamela Anderson Gets a Makeover
Pamela Anderson Gets a Makeover

Pamela Anderson is known for being the ultimate beach babe -- but she can really pull of high fashion, too! On the cover of No Tofu magazine, the 47-year-old 'Baywatch' beauty takes a break from putting her famous curves on display to cover up in the fall issue.

Dressed like a chic schoolgirl, Anderson is almost unrecognizable in a navy look with a white Peter Pan collar. Her cosmetics are understated, and her tresses are totally tamed into a conservation bob.

She's even wearing a big bow for good measure.

The star does cut loose a bit more in a lounging shot. She reclines in a demure pencil skirt, flashing a hint of cleavage. Who would have thought Anderson could grab our attention for being so reserved?

In other Pam news, it seems Anderson is back with her two-time husband Rick Salomon. She asked the judge to throw out divorce papers (again).

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