Massive manhunt for teens who escaped detention center

Massive Manhunt For Teens Who Escaped Detention Center
Massive Manhunt For Teens Who Escaped Detention Center

Authorities say more than 30 teens made a daring escape from a detention center in Tennessee over Labor Day weekend.

A massive manhunt was launched when the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center reported 32 teens broke free from their locked dorms and slipped through a fence surrounding the facility, which is reportedly equipped with barbed wire to prevent such incidents. But the teens slipped under the fence.

ABC News reports one juvenile turned himself in and as of Tuesday morning at least 15 teens are back in custody. The students range in age from 14 to 17 years old and have at least three felonies according to officials.

Police are using a helicopter and dogs to track down the teens that remain on the loose. Investigators are trying to determine if the escape was planned.