CNN Reporter's Video of Her Layoff Goes Viral

CNN Reporter's Video of Her Layoff Goes Viral
CNN Reporter's Video of Her Layoff Goes Viral

CNN is going through some tough times and making massive layoffs -- and one reporter who got a pink slip decided she wouldn't go quietly (or without some office supplies).

Former Capitol Hill reporter Lisa Desjardins is just one person who was let go. She made a departure video that is going viral because she wasn't going to exit without letting everyone know how she felt about the company after nine years of employment.

Lisa explains that she's had to read a lot of goodbye emails in the last six months, and she even went ahead and compressed them using the world cloud.

In the mass goodbyes, she saw a 'glaring theme': "We, my friends, are a darned nice group. Disgustingly nice on the way out. This worried me, so I dug in -- and dug up -- some emails."

She looked at the difference between the sweet, company-wide mass emails, and the personal ones in which people really aired their grievances. As one can imagine, there were fewer "thanks!" and more "sucks."

In the video, Lisa says, 'I hand in my badge with very few regrets, but one of them is that there are just far too few redheads on CNN, so to my fellow gingers I am sorry I failed you.'

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