Alleged thief swallows stolen ring

Woman Swallowed Stolen Ring: Police
Woman Swallowed Stolen Ring: Police

A couple is facing felony theft charges after a very creative alleged perpetration.

Utah police say after a couple allegedly stole a diamond ring from a mall jeweler, they were apprehended but the ring was nowhere to be found -- at least at first.

Brian Ford, 29, is accused of stealing the ring and then running to the getaway car driven by 25-year-old Christina Schlegel. After half an hour police pulled them over and Schlegel gulped down the ring.

Doctors took an x-ray of her stomach, revealing a ring inside. And since people typically don't swallow rings often, the chances of it being the stolen one are pretty high.

It could take up to several weeks for the ring to make its way out of the intestinal tract, which should serve as wonderful evidence.

The couple is still in jail facing felony theft charges. In case this doesn't serve as a warning to those who steal - swallowing the goods doesn't work.

Last year, an X-ray revealed $3,200 stolen engagement ring in a New Hampshire man's stomach after he allegedly swallowed it during an attempted jewelry store theft.

And thanks to the same lovely technology, Joseph Ramos was caught with stolen necklaces he nabbed during a home burglary. He also stole a car and several other items but didn't quite have the appetite for those.